What an amazing group of holiday concerts!  HarpAdventures at Peabody -- complete with special decorations -- was absolutely overflowing.  Every inch of the stage was full of harps and harpists, and the situation for the audience was Standing Room Only.  We are SO proud of the terrific job everyone did (and we will start right now to find a larger hall for next time!!)

The Basilica concert was equally crowded but at least there was lots of room for all the friends and relatives who came!  We really enjoyed working together with the harpists from the BSA and TWIGS -- some of whom are graduates of this program.

A BIG thank you to all the parents who helped with everything from the party after our Dress Rehearsal to lugging instruments back and forth to all these events.  We hope you agree that the results were more than worth the effort!   Welcome to the Spring Semester, we can't wait!