Within the next few weeks a LOT of new students will join our HarpAdventures program.  In addition to classes from Grace and St. Peters and the Mother Seton Academy, we will have three classes to begin the first year of harp study through the GBYO Bridges program.
There will also be some additions to our faculty:  Jasmine is away for the year in Beijing, China -- she has a Rotary International Ambassador Scholarship to spend the year learning about the ancient Chinese harp called the Konghou. We are all excited for her!  Cameron has finished her residency and moved back to Florida where she is starting her own studio -- good luck to Cameron!  Joining us will be Mark Dillon and Adrienne Knauer (see our About Us page), as well as Ruoling Shan and Zoe Coppola (photos coming.)
Welcome to students and teachers alike, let's have a wonderful year!