1)  Is HarpAdventures part of the Peabody Preparatory Harp program?

                  No.  HarpAdventures is a separate harp instruction program that was created by, and is taught and administered by Peabody Conservatory students majoring in harp and engaged in the Harp Pedagogy curricular program.


2)  What are the key differences between studying harp through Harp Adventures and studying harp in the Preparatory?

                  HarpAdventures is a community engagement program and as such there is no cost for lessons (although minimal harp rental fees may apply).  While the curriculum remains consistent, the students teaching in HarpAdventures may change with enrollment in the Pedagogy program.  There is a tuition fee for harp study in the Preparatory; lessons are taught by one faculty member in Baltimore and Towson and another in Annapolis, with students assigned to a permanent studio.  Both programs offer additional opportunities, with more available in the Preparatory.


3)  How do I know which program is right for me and my child?

                  The intention of the Harp Adventures program is to reach those who cannot otherwise afford private lessons while providing Harp Pedagogy students opportunities to teach. Please visit the Peabody Preparatory Web-site for complete information on their mission and opportunities provided through their harp department.  Contact information for both programs is provided below -- feel free to     ask questions!


4)  Does the Preparatory Division provide financial or material support for HarpAdventures?

                  It does not; the two programs are completely separate.




Contact information: http://www.peabodyharpadventures.com/