This  project has two primary goals:  to bring the harp into Baltimore-area schools, and to encourage cooperative efforts among various segments of the area's beginning-harpist communities. 

Our efforts to date have combined the talents and energies of the Peabody Conservatory Harp Department with the following:

1) The Baltimore School for the Arts Harp Department and harp students from their outreach program TWIGS, both under the direction of a graduate from the Peabody Harp Performance and Pedagogy program, Jacqueline Pollauf; 

2) Individuals from public and private schools, notably the Mentoring Young Musicians program at the Mother Seton School in Baltimore City and students from the Wilkes School at Grace and St. Peter's Church;

3) The Bridges Program directed by Frances Belcher (formerly associated with the Greater Baltimore Youth Orchestra,) where we are working at the Baltimore Montessori School; and

4) Our newest venture is with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids program directed by Dan Trahey, and we are really excited about this new group of students!