The final 2014/15 HarpAdventures concert today at The Gallery Church was terrific, and unique in  a number of respects.  First -- this was the first time we had ventured so far out of our Mt. Vernon neighborhood, and thank you so much to The Gallery Church for hosting us.  The harps sounded amazing in that space and we all really enjoyed it.  Second, we had an extra pedal harp onstage this time:  Storm and Zynobia have their very own beautiful new instrument.  Well, not TOTALLY new, but rebuilt with super-special decor so it's pretty much one of a kind.  Congratulations, guys!!
Finally -- and most important -- each year there is a group of eager young harpists who jump into the program and have a nice time.  At the end of the year, many of them jump out again and have a nice time exploring soccer or something else for their next adventure.  We wish them well and are happy that they chose to spend some time with us.   But, each year there are also a few who choose to continue -- so after a number of years we are beginning to have some pretty proficient "older kids" in this group! 
This year in particular, it seems as if a lot of these young harpists have really reached  a much higher level, and we hope everyone has enjoyed watching that happen as much as we have!
A few members of our group will be helping to celebrate the re-dedication of the Washington Monument on July 4th --
no details yet, but we are excited to have been invited to participate!